Redmond Bentonite

The Redmond mound

Redmond Minerals delivers high-quality bentonite clay products with world-class customer service at a fair price.  Redmond has a reliable supply of quality products you might find with larger companies, but our customers enjoy the personal attention and unmatched service only Redmond can deliver.

Redmond bentonite was first sold in 1946 when brothers Milo and Lamar Bosshardt created Redmond Minerals.  More than 60 years later, Redmond Minerals has become an industry leader in agricultural and bentonite products. 

Our Clay

Redmond bentonite clay is a sodium calcium alumina silicate, common to the montmorillinite family.  It is extracted from pyroclastic rock and welded tuffs formed by ancient volcanic ash. Redmond sodium bentonite is a swelling montmorillinite clay that shares certain characteristics typically found in calcium bentonite, making our montmorillinite deposit unique.  Whether used in sealing a pond, filling drill holes, making cat litter, binding hay cubes, working with seal coats or asphalt emulsions, or any other bentonite project, Redmond bentonite will meet your needs.

Soil testing

If your soil has not been analyzed, Redmond Minerals also provides soil testing services that can help determine your bentonite needs. Contact us for more information.